Coronation Street is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime. Add to my shows

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Monday 21st August 58x166
Shona's stroke of good luck turns sour. An anxious Chesney volunteers for childminding duties. Mary awaits the arrival of Jude and his family.

Latest episodes

Friday 18th August 58x165
Phelan gets tough on Nicola's behalf. Liz falls victim to an online scammer. Kate discovers Luke and Alya's secret romance.
Friday 18th August 58x164
Gary confides his shocking secret to Alya. Rita shows no sympathy as Gemma faces the police. Nicola asks a favour of Phelan.
Wednesday 16th August 58x163
Mischievous Eva leaves Maria in the lurch. Rita points the finger at Gemma. Tracy ridicules Mary's marriage plans.
Monday 14th August 58x162
Eva throws Jenny's wedding plans into chaos. Emotions run high for Gemma and Rita. Mary regrets lying to Jude.
Monday 14th August 58x161
Eva decides to show Aidan some mercy. Gemma aims to impress some old mates. Sally frets over Gina's spending habit.
Friday 11th August 58x160
Eva acts fast to throw Aidan off the scent. Chesney masks his inner anxiety. Will Sarah see through Gary's lies?
Friday 11th August 58x159
Chesney's return to work proves disastrous. Rosie sets her sights on saving Mrs Banks. Reality bites for Gary.
Wednesday 9th August 58x158
Gary buries his doubts for financial gain. Rosie forces Todd and Adam to interview her. Sinead worries about Chesney.
Monday 7th August 58x157
A vengeful Robert gives Rich a beating. Gary lands himself in hospital. Alya makes her move on Luke.
Monday 7th August 58x156
Robert prays for news of missing Michelle. Liz meddles in Steve's love life. Rosie yearns for a new challenge.

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